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We believe data experts should focus more on what they do best, Analysis, Insights and Advising business decision maker on Sustainable Profitability and Growth.

DataQualitix LinkR help automate data cleansing, deduplication and matching, and standardization.

Need help on your data quality?

Why High Quality Data?

Your business decision is as good as your Data; Dirty Data is a huge waste on your Topline and Bottomline numbers.

Understand the Problem

1st Data Challenge : Data Quality

Data Quality problem is summarized as Duplicated Data, Non-Standard Data, Human Error Data Input. We believe these problems limiting the ability of business to decide fast and confidently and these “Dirty Data” impacting business topline and bottomline every second.

The Impact

Bad Data is Bad for Your Business

“Dirty Data” dragging and limiting your business capacity to Grow and Prosper:

  1. Bad Data produce Bad Analysis, at the end BAD DECISION MAKING
  2. Bad Data increase the potential of FRAUD
  3. Bad Data hide you from potential Business, LOST of OPPORTUNITY

The Solution

Data Quality Automation Tools and Services

Focusing on Indonesian Data set, we help our clients automate data finding and data treatment on duplicated data, non-standardized data, and incremental data.

Templated Data for:

  • Customer Profile Data
  • Employee Data
  • Store/Outlet Profile Data,
  • Product and Transaction Data


The Benefits

  1. FAST - Hours vs Months with legacy cleansing method.
  2. ACCURATE - Increase Detection of Duplicated Data by 70% vs Common Tools
  3. ANYDATA - We help you handle any form of data sources from structured, semi-structured, up to un-structured and linked to your business data
  4. COMPLETE – Built in Indonesian Data Library and Rulesets

The User

Who do we help the most?

We don’t limit who, but in practical terms, these roles below has the direct impact in increasing effectiveness and productivity on their daily data work

  1. Data Team (Engineer, Analyst, & Scientist)
  2. Audit Team (Compliance & Regulatory, Finance & Accounting)
  3. Business & Leadership Team (CxO, Sales Leaders, Business Analyst, Ops)

Vertical Industry

You are our client that we served best, if:

  1. You are in the regulated industry (Financial Services, Public Sector)
  2. Your business touches with thousand to millions of individual customer and you want to analyze how they interact with your product and services (Retail, FMCG, Financial Services, Public Sector)
  3. You have no clue of who is your real end customer and you would like to know them, to serve them better (Retail, Distributions, FMCG, Logistic)
  4. You are looking a partner to help you strategize and monetize your data


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